-Brompton Cocktail


-Critical Acclaim

-Dear God


-Unbound (The Wild Ride)

-City Of Evil lyrics

-Strength Of The World

-Trashed And Scattered



-Blinded In Chains


-Burn It Down

-Bat Country

-Seize The Day

-The Wicked End

-Beast And The Harlot

-Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

-An Epic Time Wasted

-Breaking The Hold

-Darkness Surrounding

-The Art Of Subconscious Illusion

-Breaking Their Hold

-Forgotten Faces

-Lips Of Deceit

-Shattered By Broken Dreams


-Thick And Thin

-We Come Out At Night

-Warmness On The Soul

-Turn The Other Way

-To End The Rapture

-Waking The Fallen

-Unholy Confessions

-I Wont See You Tonight Part 1

-I Wont See You Tonight Part 2

-A Little Peice of Heaven

-And All Things Will End

-Clairvoyant Disease

-Radiant Eclipse

-Second Heartbeat

-Eternal Rest


-Chapter Four

-Waking The Fallen

-Warmness on the Soul

-Darkness Surrounding

-Betrayed (Real Version)

-Bat Country (Radio Version)

-Epic Of Time Wasted


-Walk (Pantera Cover)


-Flash Of The Blade

-Desecrate Through Reverence


-Welcome To The Family

-Danger Lines

-Buried Alive

-Natural Born Killer-So Far Away


-Save Me

-Danceing Dead

Ive probably forgot stuff. add more


Synyster Gates- Piano

M. Shadows- Organ

Zacky Vengance- Guitar

Johnny Christ- Bass Guitar

The Rev (deseased)- Piano
  • Zacky Vengance
  • The Rev
  • Synyster Gates
  • M. Shadows
  • Johnny Christ


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